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Making education better.Forever.

Practical, powerful, versatile and very easy to use digital platform for automatating all educational processes.

If you’re in the business of learning, you need the Edberry platform!

Who is the platform for?

The Edberry platform is ideal for you if you are:
Tutors and course authors
Easy integration and free plans for a small number of students
Offline and Online schools
A comprehensive tool suitable for everyone, from chess clubs to large educational centers
Colleges and universities
Stable system that is capable to work with large amount of data

Edberry - a universal system for managing educational institutions.

Access to all information about students, teachers, classes and their results. Control and optimization of all processes of the school or a private teacher.

The smartest and most functional schedule grid

It will allow you to create quickly and modify the schedule of groups and individual students. Any changes are published in one click, teachers and students are automatically notified.

The system will control itself the distribution of the curriculum, track the intersection of teachers or premises, as well as deviations from the work schedule.

Automatic schedule generator

One-click scheduling. Compliance with all restrictions and conditions. Ability to manually modify the generated schedule.
The interface is available for testing upon a request.

Student and teacher personal accounts

Keep the track of your schedule, give grades, view presentations and homework. Notification of any changes and communication with the administration.
Cabinets are available in mobile and PC versions.

Edberry It reduces costs and increases the efficiency of all educational processes!

Leading educational establishments of the market trust us
By automating processes,
you can save time and money on routine tasks.
Absolute transparency and digitalization
of processes will allow you to control every lesson
Convenient classroom for students
increases customer loyalty and sets you apart from your competitors.
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Until the end of the year, we give 30 days free of charge at the maximum rate to each new client!

Additionally, our specialists will provide you with individual support during the integration of the system into your school.
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